Supporting Sophie

Sophie (in pink) with her sister Stella(in blue)

Sophie (in pink) with her sister Stella(in blue)

Sophia has always been my little wild child. She started walking at 9 months and I don't know that she nor I sat down for the next two years. She always hit her milestones right on track. She laughed and smiled right on time. She never gave me any indication that a Autism Diagnoses would be in our future. Once Sophia was about 2 I knew something was off. She wouldn't sleep, she would have horrible meltdown and they only got worse the older she got. At age three she was diagnosed with ADHD , Anxiety disorder and ODD. After three years of parent therapy, behavior therapy and finally medication we came to the conclusion it has to be something more. She started Kindergarten in the Fall of 2014 and that is when we started seeing her anxiety and meltdowns increase. It didn't help that at that same time her dad left for a year long tour in Afghanistan with his Military working dog.

 She would have self harming meltdowns and refused to leave the house . There were times she would lash out at me and leave me in tears wondering what was happening to my sweet girl. All the while her behavior in school has started to improve with the help of para's and special education services. She also showed little if any outburst with other people. It was just me.  I was totally confused. Left to believe I must have been doing something wrong.

We finally met with a wonderful Doctor who after two hours of assessments came to the conclusion Sophia met all the criteria for High Functioning Autism (formally known as Asperger's syndrome). After a long journey the pieces are finally starting to come together.
We are ultimately trying to raise money for an autism service dog for Sophia because we truly think the companionship of a trained dog will help her  with her anxiety. We also hope this dog will help Sophia with her meltdowns and restless nights. 

Thank you for your support and kindness! We are blessed to have found such an amazing organization!! 


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