Become a Puppy Partner

Our puppy raisers are very special people, and we depend on them to help get our babies off on the right paw. It's a lot of work, but immensely rewarding.

Proper socialization and environmental exposure at a very young age is all-important. Puppy raisers must be willing to seek out dozens of new, friendly people each week:

  • men, women
  • adults, infants, elderly, toddlers, teenagers
  • people of all ethnicities
  • people using walkers, people using wheelchairs, people pushing strollers and grocery carts
  • kids and adults wearing backpacks or carrying umbrellas
  • people wearing uniforms, hats, beards
  • ... you get the idea.

The puppies must also be gently exposed to household sights as sounds, as well as those in the community that they may come across in their working lives:

  • city streets, honking cars, big trucks, public transportation
  • crowds, parades, sporting events, fairs
  • grocery stores, restaurants, malls, elevators
  • walking on all different surfaces plus all kinds of stairs
  • other nice animals including dogs, cats, and horses
  • And they need a good start on all these experiences by around 20 weeks old.

Most of all, they need to be loved and cuddled, played with and enjoyed.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy and you live in the Kansas City metro, please check out the FAQ page

Contact Us or give us a call at the PAWS office, (816) 875-3990