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Mishka (8mo puppy in training) with Kelson at Strikerz.

Mishka (8mo puppy in training) with Kelson at Strikerz.

Kelson’s Story begins before I we even pregnant with him. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for 6 years. So, when I found out that I was pregnant; I did my best to take care of us. I ate right and took vitamins. I made all of my doctors appointments. 
    The day Kelson was born was the happiest day of my life. He was such a bright, calm, and happy baby. He developed normally until he was a little over a year old. During a check-up, just after his 2nd birthday, our lives changed forever. The doctor asked if Kelson could put 3 words together. I said that Kelson only said Mama or Daddy. With that one simple look from the Pediatrician, My world came crashing down! 
    A year later, The doctors had done several different levels of tests to find out why Kelson was no longer developing normally. Every test they tried, the results were normal. So, The next step for my son, was a special preschool that would test him for Autism. It was called “The Children’s Place”. Kelson loved his very first school. He had a thirst for knowledge even at the age of three! He was tested and had an 89% probability of Autism. He was then transferred to another Preschool  closer to our home once the testing was finished. Within weeks of starting his New School, Kelson began having what our family calls melt downs. He would have violent bouts of anger and frustration, followed by uncontrollable crying.  I was finally forced to put Kelson on medication to calm him and help him focus. An IEP was created to help him in School.
    As Kelson grew, He began to show an aptitude for reading and creative story telling. In that instant, I saw hope. Kelson could focus on books and use his mind to engage other children! The school and I worked closely together using his interests to teach him coping skills. As the years have passed and Kelson continues to grow, the medications no longer keep his aggression under control. 

    The day a service dog named Delta entered my sons life, was a blessing in disguise. Kelson had been having a rough day at school and I had been asked to pick him up. His step-father and I could not seem to calm him. As we were walking with him down the school corridor, The service dog that was assigned to the School was laying on the floor quietly. In a desperate attempt to calm my child, I asked if he wanted to stop and see Delta? Within seconds, a miracle had happened! Kelson was calm and smiling! 

    I have spoken of the struggles my son faces each and every day of his life, but I have not told you of the pure joy he bring to all who know him. 

    At just shy of 11 years old, Kelson loves the things most children his age enjoy. He rides his bicycle and can beat an Xbox game in 3 days! He is a very fast reader and retains a books knowledge better than many his age. Unlike so many on the Autism Spectrum, Kelson takes great joy in compassion for others. It is true that Kelson was 7 years old before I heard the words “Mommy, I love you”.  Once he began to understand love and compassion, He devoted his heart to it!  Kelson has 3 younger siblings and tries very hard to be the best big brother that he can be. He loves history and learning about other parts of the world. Kelson became so interested in Ancient Egypt that, he learned to write his name in hieroglyphics! 

    At the end of the day, My amazing son has taught me far more than I could ever teach him!

No matter how many proverbial mountains Kelson climbs, He struggles every day. When we told Kelson that we had applied for him a service dog, I thought his face would break from his smile! We had been talking with him about it for about a year. We knew it was a HUGE commitment! We also wanted to make sure Kelson was mature enough to make the commitment with us (Mom and Dad). 

    Now, we are on this road together with Paws 4 Autism. We will see how far it will take us. Please, Come join us on our journey to help not only my son but, others like him.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our baby. He is truly a Miracle…

Brightest Blessings
Kelson’s Mom


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