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Lukacs with Merlin (in training).

Lukacs with Merlin (in training).

Lukacs was always an inquisitive, very smart child.  Even as a very young child, Lukacs gravitated towards adults, even though he was capable of playing with other kids.  When he started preschool they would tell us he was very empathetic, much more so than other kids his age, but he would seemingly randomly get upset or aggressive; it just didn’t seem to fit.  During Kindergarten Lukacs academically was doing fabulous, but during the most fun times (recess, field trips) he would get frustrated and lash out.  We started seeing a therapist to help him with severe depression, when she suggested Autism/Asperger’s Testing.  We got our diagnosis on May 31, 2012 and I have been working ever since to help my son to excel socially and in school, and also to make other people and kids aware of Autism, how different it can look and how to befriend a child with Autism.

Florence B.
Lukacs' Mom


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