Blake needs a Buddy!!!

Donate in honor of Blake Schnell

Blake was diagnosed with Autism in 2014 when he was 3 ½ years old. He is currently participating in speech and occupational therapy which has helped TREMENDOUSLY in a lot of ways.

He is in his 2nd year of preschool and starting Kindergarten in the Fall, and while his speech as improved to 3 word sentences , there is still SO much Blake needs help with. Our number one concern with Blake is safety. We cannot count how many times he has bolted out of our front door and run right into the street almost being hit a car or run away from us in parking lots. He has also squeezed through our fence and ended up 3 houses away in the neighbor's backyard.  Another concern is that we literally cannot do anything outside of the home as a family. Blake does not do well in public places. He becomes overwhelmed and has melt downs whenever we take him anywhere. One of us has to stay home with Blake while the other takes the other children to different activities. We cant even have him at his own siblings' Birthday parties because he acts up or runs away or just does not know how to participate. We are such a close family so not being able to do these things all together is heartbreaking.


Blake can be the sweetest, most loving, silly, super smart little boy!! He continues to LEARN everyday! He continues to AMAZE us everyday! He is our HEART!! We have PRAYED and PRAYED for answers on how to help our little boy! We truly feel that a service dog would help Blake and our family function as normally as we could with Blake being...well Blake!!

The cost for training these dogs is very costly, way more than our family of 6 has available! Please donate as much as your heart compels you, for this is an amazing opportunity for us to give Blake and our family a breath of something wonderful. 




We appreciate your generosity and support in our fundraising efforts.