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Anderson (or Andy as we like to call him) was diagnosed with high functioning Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder at the age of 3.  He is a beautiful, silly, intelligent boy with unbelievable perseverance and limitless potential.  Andy LOVES to tell stories.  Most of his stories are centered around his favorite Youtube videos, but, none the less when he starts telling stories, his world lights up.

What worries us as parents is when Andy has meltdowns, whether they’re at home or in a public setting.  It can be very traumatic at times for everyone involved and when they’re finally over, Andy is often wiped out.  It’s hard for us, even as his parents, to bring him back to earth.

It’s hard for him to go to grocery stores, malls, baseball games even, because of the noise and the crowds.  Andy through time has learned to ‘cope’ better at the grocery stores, but we limit where we go as a family outside of our normal environment because we don’t want to stress him out.

Currently he leans on his favorites; legos, minifigures, his iPad to help him cope when we’re in public somewhere.  And as long as he has something like that, he is usually ok for a little bit of time.  But given too long, he gets restless and starts to stir.  

Our hope through getting Andy a service dog, is that he can break though some of the social barriers that so often children with Autism face.  There isn’t a single soul around us that does not love Anderson, but, for Andy side by side play is often limited and therefore limits his friendships.  We’ve seen proven cases where a service animal for a child with autism can help from wandering, the service animal can recognize the signs of their person when a meltdown is coming and can therefore head it off at the pass and in turn a meltdown of 30 minutes or more can be a matter of 5 or 6, maybe even less.

It’s really endless possibilities once your child can connect with the right animal that can be the best source of constant therapy for him or her.  

This is our hope and this is why we are part of Paws4Autism.

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Paws 4 Autism
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In memo line be sure to put ANDY'S A TEAM